I am an artist from London, United Kingdom.

My fine art practice focuses on space occupied via two threads of research. Culturally as I draw on my life as a third culture British Anglo Filipina, the world I find myself in and my place in the Philippine diaspora as inspiration for my art about people and places. Then I explore the space our bodies physically and metaphorically occupy with my fashion and body works in my Fashion Project, continuing my academic research about the relationship between negative space, movement, and architecture.

I have a multidisciplinary background in fine art, fashion design, photography, writing, and marketing/communications. In addition to using my skills to enhance my visual practice as an artist, I use these skills as a leader and educator as part of the technical team at Royal College of Art.

And in 2020 I was featured in Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year as one of the artist contestants.


  • Create a self-sustaining visual art practice and facilitate artistic development at a high level
  • Build mentoring, teaching, discussion and awareness of the subjects and disciplines I explore
  • Make a cultural contribution to the artistic landscape of the UK and beyond

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