I am an artist from London, United Kingdom.

My fine art practice focuses on space occupied via two threads of research. Culturally as I draw on my life as a third culture British Anglo Filipina and my place in the Philippine diaspora as inspiration for my art about people and places. Then I explore the space our bodies physically and metaphorically occupy with my fashion and body works in my Fashion Project, continuing my academic research about negative space, movement, and architecture.

I have a multidisciplinary background in fine art, fashion design, photography, writing, and marketing/communications. In addition to using my skills to enhance my visual practice as an artist, I use these skills as a leader and educator as part of the technical team at Royal College of Art.

And in 2020 I was featured in Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year as one of the artist contestants.


  • Create a self-sustaining visual art practice and facilitate artistic development at a high level
  • Build mentoring, teaching, discussion and awareness of the subjects and disciplines I explore
  • Make a cultural contribution to the artistic landscape of the UK and beyond

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