An Artists Life Through Plants, Plates & Play


Aklap [uhk-LUHP] n. & verb root Kapampangan;
To Spread Light Throughout the World

In addition to being a Contemporary Artist I am an Earth Worker, Cuisinier and Horticulture Practitioner.

Growing up in and around London UK, I was raised in a creative environment, immersed in nature and ancestral family traditions from both my Filipino and British ancestry in cooking and farming; with chefs, gamekeepers and market/landscape gardeners in my lineage.

I cultivate fruits, vegetables and herbs, and cook them up for holistic, health and spiritual purposes. Some of the many culinary delights include preserves and infusions as well as dried preparations for flavour and burning.

Edible garden design is at the heart of this and maximises natural gardening practices which utilises our home’s unique rhythms, interactions and energy.

This same connection to the Earth has given me a deep empathy for our home, habitats and species. Using my interest in movement to run to raise money for charities working to preserve nature and habitats such as ZSL Edge of Existence and the World Wide Fund for Nature; because, without a healthy and diverse home, we all suffer.

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